Thursday, June 25, 2015

Whole30 4th of July recipes

Hello everyone!

With 4th of July fast approaching, I wanted to give you guys some healthy Whole30 approved recipes to make to still enjoy and celebrate.

These are cute patriotic fruit Kabobs! I think it is cute that the person made them to look like an American flag. You could also just do the color scheme and use red, white, and blue fruits!

You could also not use the Kabobs and just place in a pan like this one!

It's hard to see these in the picture, but these are sweet potato fries with avocado sauce. The recipe can be found here: Recipe
Sticking with the Kabob theme... how about some veggie and protein kabobs on the grill? These look and sound absolutely amazing to me!
If you are not on the Whole30 plan, but would like a healthier dessert to bring... this one looks BOMB! Click the link for the recipe: Chocolate Coffee Caramel Bars
You cannot go wrong with a nice delicious burger! This one has grilled pineapple, onion, and smashed avocado.

Here is a cute, healthy patriotic "cake." The recipe can be found here: Clean eating Watermelon Cake
This is such a cute drink idea!I like that they used mason jars! 

Lastly, here is a link to Whole30 approved party foods: 70 Whole30 recipes

I hope you guys are feeling as excited for fourth of July as I am! I just wish I could spend it with my boyfriend in North Carolina. We both like to go all out and be very patriotic! Last year he was so sweet and drove us to a great spot to watch the fireworks from the bed of his truck!

Later Taters!

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  1. Day 19

    Exercise: 30 min weights (legs)

    Breakfast: blueberries with warm coconut milk, walnut butter
    Snack: 2 eggs
    Lunch: mango, shredded chicken
    Dinner: sweet potato, spinach sauteed in coconut oil, salmon


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