Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 25 Whole30


I wanted to give you today's workout and tomorrow's workout in case you workout early in the morning like me! If you haven't noticed, I am loving the HIIT style workouts I have been creating. If you do not know what some move is, google it!

Here is today's workout:

Here is tomorrow's workout:

Food for today:

Pre-workout- blueberries and apple slices with homemade coconut walnut butter
breakfast- 2 eggs with mushrooms and zucchini
lunch- unstuffed peppers with avocado
dinner- zucchini/ sweet potato noodles with chicken
snack if I am still hungry- carrots or fruit with homemade nut butter

Later Taters!


  1. Day 17!

    30 min weights (legs), 20 min HIIT running (jog, sprints)

    Breakfast: 2 eggs, apple
    Lunch: orange, walnuts
    Snack: 3oz chicken
    Dinner: sweet potato, asparagus, salmon
    Snack: pear, 1 hard boiled egg

    1. Yum! Food sounds delicious! Keep up the hard work!


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