Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday- Listening to your body's signals

Superset workout

So above are the links to my morning workout. I also have a confession, I am human and I did not stick to my goal of only eating one serving of almonds yesterday. Am I mad, no but I am determined because I know how my body felt afterwards. Too much nuts are not good for our bodies. I know for a fact my body reacts negatively to consuming too many and I can feel it later. If something does not feel right in my body I will always go back to the first week diet then slowly add things back in. I will try to post progress pictures again on Friday. Learn to listen to your body. That is the biggest thing I have learned over the past three weeks. I know that when my body starts to react negatively to food that I need to change something. When I ate too many nuts the past two days my acid reflux also started to act up again along with the stomach aches. When I ate gluten, my body felt bloated and uncomfortable. When I eat dairy I just want to curl up into a ball and not move the rest of the day because my stomach cramps up so bad. These are the types of red lights that are signals to you. Your body is set up to tell you when something is going wrong and it is our job to learn those signals and listen to our bodies. This is your first step to getting healthy.This weekend I am going to try to add eggs back into my diet! YAY! :D


  1. This made me feel so much better! Yesterday I had too many oats and my stomach hated me. I also had too much gluten products and it was so painful. Today, I am treating my body much better.

  2. Good! Glad to hear. You can really tell when your body needs a change! Thanks for the comment


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