Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 12 of the Ultra Simple Diet

So I know something doesn't feel as good this week as last week, so I'm going to cut out gluten (I was having oatmeal in my homemade easy banana bread) for the next few days and see if my stomach feels better. My goal for the next 2 days is to stick to this plan which was my first week:

wake: green tea, lemon juice, and tabs
B: ultra shake
s1: almonds and ultra broth
L: rice and veggies preportioned
s2: ultra shake
D: brown rice, veggies, and chicken preportioned, tabs

When I get hungry I am going to drink more water. This plan is to really hit it hard for the next 2 days to see if the oats were causing any problems for me.

Workout for today:
Kettle Toning
Bikini Arms

Advice about snacking: on tip I have learned to avoid over snacking is to do something to distract yourself. One good distraction is painting your nails! One of my pet peeves is putting spots or marks on my freshly painted nails. For this reason, I am likely to not touch anything for 30 minutes. Usually a craving or thinking you are hungry will go away with time. Drink water and most likely you will not give into that craving. (I am not saying you should not snack, but there is a difference between being hungry and being bored) Other things you could do: read a book or magazine, take a walk outside, do an at home workout, meal prep, clean your bedroom, or plan next week's meal plan. There are so many things you can do to distract yourself... pinterest included ;)

One great book I purchased last year (you can get it cheap on amazon) is The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. If you want to learn more about nutrition and what happens to your body when you consume certain foods, then this book can help you. It tells you more about the differences between fats, proteins, and carbs. It educates you on three things: nutrition, fitness, and the mind. I read through the whole book in just a couple days. It is an easy read but also very beneficial.

Peace out! Later taters

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