Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 14 of the Ultra Simple Diet

So here are my pictures taken one day apart (both in the morning because as the day goes on our bodies consume more things so you want to be consistent with the time of day you take progress pictures). The left picture was when I was consuming oats that were added back into my diet for a few days. The right was a day after going back to no oats and my total elimination of the allergen foods. I think that oats do not bother me as much as dairy, but I feel better when I do not consume them. I will save gluten for special occasions. As you can tell they make me bloat up a little more. So now I am back on the week one diet. I am going to try to add peanuts back in starting Monday. If you are looking to follow the plan I am on you can read previous posts. Here is a link to my blog about specifics of the diet :The Ultra Simple Diet Also, you may wonder why my progress pictures are only of my stomach. I think that your stomach tells you a lot about your health. Before I started this diet, my stomach never felt right. It would hurt and ache and feel tight and bloated. It would make me sad, upset, and angry with myself. In reality it was just my body telling me that it did not like the foods I was consuming.

Here is today's workout:
30 minute full body
5 minute arms

The two first videos (if you haven't noticed already) are two of my favorite videos currently. I have never completed them both on the same day though. I hope to be sore. I am going to try to find some new workout videos for you guys this weekend. Some people wonder how many days a week to workout. I think it depends on the workouts you do and the amount of time you do them. It also matters how your body feels. For me, I do a workout 7 days a week. If my body is feeling sore and tired then I will take a Sunday off. I am a busy girl with graduate school so I only get to workout for 45-60 minutes a day. If I had time to do an hour and a half workout I would probably add one or two rest days into my plan. I also really enjoy my workouts and they make me happy, so this is another reason I choose to do 7 days a week.

Any questions for me??

Later Taters!


  1. I found out I can't process oats and dairy, too! I feel so much better after eliminating them!! Yay, no bloat!!

  2. I there that much cross contamination in regular oats? I thought that oats were gluten free...I am trying to get down to the roots of what my digestion issue culprits are. Each time I eliminate something and notice that it positively affects me I try to keep with it. Yet I am still have periodic issues.

  3. Yay Alyssa! I am happy for you. Brianne, oats are "gluten free" but most brands are processed in facilities that also process wheat. For this reason, most oats still contain trace amounts of gluten. There are some gluten free oat brands out there if you would like to give those a try. You may also have trouble processing another food group you are consuming besides gluten. Have you looked at my day 9 of the ultra simple diet post? That explains the top 10 allergen/ intolerance food groups. You may want to glance at that if you are really having digestion issues. It has helped me a lot. What all have you eliminated in the past?


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