Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekend at home using the Ultra Simple Diet

Hello cupcakes,

This weekend I went to my parents house and my home town. I prepped and packed food for all weekend so that I could stick to my allergen free diet. Let me tell you, it can be so tough eating out of my Tupperware containers when other people are having Mexican food around me (happened this weekend). The thing that keeps me going is that I know my stomach and body will thank me later. I will not feel like poop and get down on myself after consuming them. I did make myself a treat to get through the weekend. I took raisins and ground them up in a food processor with a little hot water so that it becomes a paste. I scooped that out of the food processor and then blended my oven roasted almonds to make almond flour. I added in the raisin paste and dairy free mini chocolate chips. I rolled half the dough into balls and refrigerated them. The other half of the dough I blended a banana and some soy milk into the batter to make it more of a dough consistency. I baked this in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees (F). These were amazing! It made sooooo many.

My workouts for today are going to be these videos:
Toned and Lean Beach Workout
Tori's favorite workout currently

I briefly answered a reader's comment about oats. Oats are technically gluten free but most are processed in facilities that also deal with gluten products. There are certain oat brands that are totally gluten free. For me personally, I think it is harder for my body to process gluten, but the problem is not as high as when I consume dairy products. This means I will stay away from gluten products for the most part because I just feel better not consuming them. I will save these products for special occasions. I still get my grain servings from the brown rice I consume. Quinoa is also another good product to try. I hope this clears up a little confusion. Always read labels! For example, I always look for a part of the label that says "this product may contain trace amounts of dairy." Read the ingredients because if you are trying to stay away from Wheat products or dairy products it can be tricky. I was trying to buy pre-chopped cilantro paste thinking it would just be cilantro and maybe water or something. After I read the ingredient label I found out it had milk products in it. Always read before consuming!

Have a good weekend! Later taters!

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