Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Previous progress pictures

Reflecting on my previous progress pictures:
-The top picture was my first 7 days on the Ultra simple diet with all top 10 allergens removed from my diet for a week.
-The next picture was taken once I added oats back in and then the right was when I eliminated oats for a few days after
-The bottom picture was after adding back in peanut butter and after a meal and lots of water

I can definitely feel a difference this week from indulging in some of the allergen foods and eating out once. My stomach pretty much said I hate you. I have been suffering for the last 2 days thanks to that. It was worth it, but I am for sure saving that indulgence for special occasions only. I am going back to the first week diet starting today (minus the broth) to help my body readjust. This is the reason progress pictures are so helpful to me. I can see the differences just simple food changes can do to my body in just a few days. 

If anyone wants to know more about the Ultra Simple Diet comment below!

2nd post of the day :D whoo

Later Taters!

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