Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day Five of the Ultra Simple Diet

Good morning cupcakes!

Today is officially day 5! whoop whoop! Feeling great and feeling motivated. Today's workout links:

Legs and Booty
Inner and Outer Thighs
10 minute Bikini Workout
Calorie Burning Cardio

I get more and more excited to continue this journey everyday! My body is really thanking me for eliminating the top 10 allergen foods. I feel so much better. I think this would be hard to carry out forever in my life because of social events and having dinner with different families. I think I will continue this way of eating for maybe 21 days and then just continue this diet during the week and allow myself to enjoy different foods on weekends after I figure out what foods I am intolerant/ allergic to. When I go to bed each night, I cannot wait for my morning smoothie. I am hoping that blogging about my experience will help others who have problems with acid reflux, allergies, asthma, stomach problems, bloating, weak immune system, lack of energy, etc. I think when our bodies feel good it makes us happier and healthier as a person. I do not feel like I am in a fog anymore, I can concentrate better and get excited to take on the day. I believe nutrition plays a huge role in our lives and that we need to listen to our bodies. Our bodies were not created to intake lots of medicines or man made chemicals. That is my thought for the day, rant over.

That is all I have for today. If any of you have questions pretty please with a cherry on top... comment below and I will answer any questions you have!

Later Taters :D

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