Friday, January 9, 2015

Day Seven of the Ultra Simple Diet

Good morning cupcakes!

This is my seventh day on the Ultra Simple Diet and I am continuing with round two of the seven days starting tomorrow. I already feel like I can eliminate one of my acid reducer medicines I take in the evening and I have started to notice a slimmer stomach and waistline. One tip I have learned when making my Ultra Shake- add half a banana to the tofu, soy milk, and berry combo. It makes the smoothie smoother and tastier. I also think that the Ultrabroth recipe does not make as much as the book says it does. I have been making the broth almost every day or every other day to have enough broth to drink and vegetables to eat.

Today's morning workout is going to be legs. Here are the links to the videos: Carrie Underwood Legs and KettleBell Leg Blaster . Tonight I am going to do some cardio or HIIT videos. I haven't decided which ones yet. I may also do an ab workout.

This is a weird thing to blog about, but one function of this program is to get your intestines regular so that you have a bowel movement within 10 minutes of waking up. I have had a morning bowel movement everyday so far. So if you have problems with IBS or constipation, this diet may be a good thing for you to try out.

We all have our days when we crave sweets or unhealthy foods. Yesterday was that day for me. I do not buy food that is not included in my diet because I know that if it is around, I will eat it. For that reason yesterday I had probably a little too much almond butter because last night I had almond butter on a banana along with the almond butter I had for a snack in the morning and the almonds I had along with my afternoon Ultrabroth. It was a minor slip up. Am I going to let it set me back? Of course not. We are all human and after one little cheat, it does not mean you have failed. It just means you need to learn, move on, and stick to the plan after that cheat. Some people get so caught up in one little splurge and fall off the wagon. This is where problems start. Keep going and push through the hard times and the struggles. You can do this!

Later Taters

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