Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who is ready for change?

You have to want to change! You have to want to wake up each day and live the best and healthiest life in all aspects! You have to be willing to dedicate an hour or two of your day to working out and prepping food for the following day! You have to be willing to take care of yourself and love every part of YOU! Who is ready to take the leap and get on the right track? I know that my life is very busy with graduate school, work, homework, and trying to have a social life. Where does being healthy fit in? I will tell you... I make it a priority in my life just like I make school and work a priority. If it is important to you, you will find a way.

Today's workout are these videos:
-Bootcamp- 10 min
-Victoria Secret Cardio (17 min)
-Bikini Body workout
-and of course... YOGA

I recently received a comment about counting calories and other things I am passionate about so here is my response: (p.s. I love when readers leave comments and mention things they would like me to talk about)

-Counting calories: I was on a calorie counting fix for awhile. I love the app called LoseIt (kind of like myfitnesspal). I used this for a few months before I started the Ultra Simple Diet. I logged the first day of the Ultra Simple Diet to see what the calories would be like, and then after that I have not logged since. Personally, I eat almost the same thing everyday so I don't really feel the need to track. On the other hand, since I am trying to figure out the food allergies tracking might be helpful for the purpose of logging all the foods I consume rather than the calories. I think that some days I snack way too much and calorie counting would allow me to see all the extra things I am consuming in the day. So really it is all about self control and I say if you are healthy already and do not want to lose any weight, then do not worry about calorie counting. It can be a hassle and time consuming if you are not really dedicated to it. If you do not have the time or energy to calorie count, then just choose healthy foods. A food journal may be easier. Check out my previous blog about the LoseIt app (click here:calorie counting )

-More about ME: I am passionate about doing outdoor things. I have a horse and my family and I love to go trail riding. I also love to camp and hike outdoors. I am hoping to move somewhere warm where I can be outside daily. I am so much happier when it is sunny and warm. I also love running, but my body does not like it too much. I have bad knees and running is hard on my whole body. Now if I want to be outside I do circuits in my yard instead. I like going to the gym when it is not crowded. I hate when there are a bunch of people and you cannot use the machine you want.

I am hoping to post a progress picture in about a week! :D So stay tuned for that as well!
Here is a funny picture I found on instagram. Don't let this be you this coming summer. Be healthy, figure out what your body needs and wants instead of giving into all those processed foods and junk. 

Would it be helpful to make some sample meal plans or talk more about nutrition? Who likes the at home workout videos I post? Is there something you would like to see more of?

Peace out, later Taters! 

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