Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 13 of the Ultra Simple Diet

In reflection of my post yesterday about snacking... I am human and I have flaws... I ate after my dinner. While it was healthy food, it was not in my plan. Am I upset with myself, no. Am I going to do something about it, YES! For myself, I like to set up little challenges for myself. It gives me drive and motivation. So my challenge for myself tomorrow is to not eat anything after my dinner (Sticking to my plan 100%). I will let you all know tomorrow how that goes and what I felt, thought, did, etc.

As for now, let's get to the workout:

Circuit training

Count down is two days until more progress pictures! Whoop! I do not feel like my progress will be much different than the first week's because this week was about trying to see if oats caused any stomach problems for me. I do not think my reaction to them was as bad as dairy is, I still think my body has a little negative reaction when I consume them. Back to the total elimination diet until Tuesday probably.

This picture is some meal prep I did early this morning took maybe 45 minutes total. I do a little prep each day sometimes every other day. I eat this whole bowl of veggies in just one day. The chicken will last probably 2-3 days and the broth will last a day and a half ("last" meaning before I consume it all hahah). 

Some tips for today:

-eliminate "should" from your vocabulary. I should start eating healthy, I should workout, I should pack my lunch for tomorrow. All of these situations lead to failure. People will make excuses for example "I should start being healthy but____."Stop saying SHOULD and actually DO!! You can train yourself to quit saying should. Reinforce your behavior. For example, every time you say should add 10 minutes to your workout for the day. Every time you say should take ten dollars and put it in a jar to reward yourself when you hit your goal. Remember that your diet is going to be about 80% of your success when trying to lose weight or get healthy , and even when you are trying to gain muscle. If you are reading this saying that "I should start following a healthy diet tomorrow" you are off to a bad start! Stop saying should and start RIGHT NOW! Clear your house of any tempting foods. For example, if you crave ice cream all the time do not buy it. It will only lead you to eat it later and feel bad about it. If you want to treat yourself to some ice cream buy the little 1 serving cups. One serving of icecream is only 1/2 cup. You know those tini tiny little cups in the icecream section? Yeah those baby size cups are one serving of ice cream. With that in mind, why would you want those unhealthy foods around your house when you are trying to get healthy and reach your goals? For me, I love to bake. I get really creative when I am bored and try to bake healthy treats with the stuff I have around the house. While this isn't a terrible thing, it leads me to consume more calories than my daily allowance. This is something I have been trying to work on recently.

I hope this helps some of you! Maybe you started a new year's resolution and have fallen off the wagon, maybe you wish you could be back to the weight you were when you got married, maybe before you had kids, whatever the case may be I hope that I can help motivate and inspire you by telling you what I struggle with and what I am doing to try to fix it.

That is all I have for today. If you have any questions for me do not be afraid to comment below!

Later Taters

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