Friday, January 2, 2015

The Winter Blues

Good Morning!

The dreaded cold winter has arrived here in North-East Indiana. I certainly get the winter blues (seasonal depression) during the winter. I hate the cold. I think I was supposed to be born further south. I do love fall weather, but once it hits below the 40's I am not a happy person. If any of you are like me try finding something positive in each day. My positive thought for today is that I am blessed with an amazing family and boyfriend. I only have a few more days with them before I have to go back to grad school. The holidays have been a blast and very relaxing.

Today I did a workout at home because I have been sick for a few days. Here is the link to the video I did:

Kettlebells, toning, and yoga

Later today I will be grocery shopping for my seven day ultra simple diet to eliminate toxins and inflammation in my body. As many of you know, I have a food allergy/ intolerance. Here is a link to the downloadable guides I received from the book: Dr. Hyman guides to the ultra simple diet

I have take my weight, BMI, and filled out the quiz from the book. I will keep you all updated on my progress. I am going grocery shopping and prepping food and the Ultra Broth. My boyfriend also leaves for his 2 week trip west tomorrow, so I will be spending as much time with him today as I can!

Later Taters! BE HAPPY, SMILE, You are given each day, so live and enjoy!

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